Assurance Services

Guiding Your Steps in Strategic Planning

Visualize and track the full scope of your strategic plan to ensure on-time and within budget results that exceed expectations.

Our Steps in Strategic Planning.

Visualize and track the full scope of your strategic plan to ensure on-time, on-budget, and expected results. We work with your team to quantify strategic objectives and qualify program initiatives. Accountable progress and risk management creates alignment in your dynamic environment.

  • 1: In-Depth Interview & Company Study
  • 2: Statement of Work
  • 3: Strategic Plan Assessment
  • 4: Organizational Needs Evaluation
  • 5: Action Plan
  • 6: Map & Manage Milestones

An image of a leader at a whiteboard with the team engaged discussing strategic planning

Program Readiness

Critical Ops is meticulous in our approach. Assurance begins with awareness and requires trust. We address this need by creating the context in facilitated knowledge exchange. A knowledge exchange is a process that encourages the sharing of data, experience, and expertise for the mutual benefit of your organization and our staff. Our team reduces error and increase the confidence of leaders with strategic planning and assessment. With the expertise of Critical Ops, clients have a clear vision.

a team meeting at a table to discuss project assurance

Business Assurance

After blueprints are approved, our team outlines an implementation roadmap. Your organizational roadmap tracks the full scope of the strategic plan’s lifecycle with embedded accountability and reporting requirements. Benchmarks ensure on-time, on-budget, and expected results. Iterative risk assessments, training, and customized exercises are facilitated for failsafe progress assessments in your development system. Critical Ops team of experts guides our clients to optimize human and technology interaction.

A whiteboard layout of corporate strategy

Controls and Systems Consulting

Genuine leaders listen with a desire to understand and communicate with absolute transparency. Critical Ops serves as an extension of your leadership, collecting data through 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders. We also conduct action research and anonymous surveys to establish the baseline support structure for controls and systems. Results include an evaluation of organizational trust, workforce capabilities, and automation alignment. Findings and recommendations are provided in a blueprint.  

Business Assurance Services

Enterprise Level

Organizations don’t move forward without a team effort. We sit alongside your leadership to provide an unbiased approach for projects like:

  • Strategic Plan Alignment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Restructuring
  • Digital Risk Solutions
  • Sustainable Practices

Program Level

At the program level, we drill down to specific company needs and help you complete tasks on time and within budget. Get assistance with:

  • Grants and Contracts
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Administrative Duties
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Security Compliance