Enterprise Level Corporate Strategy

Business Plan Consulting at the Enterprise Level.

We act as an extension to your leadership team, providing an unbiased approach for upcoming endeavors.

Start driving your corporate strategy.

Organizations don’t move forward without a team effort. Critical Ops serves as a partner to help institutions prioritize enterprise-wide initiatives and manage tasks. We assist organizations with defining deliverables, outlining functions, and leveraging resources efficiently. Through our business assurance services, organizations have successfully identified areas of improvement and closed gaps to build a more robust strategic plan.

Strategic plan alignment depicted by a lightbulb with a question mark

Strategic Plan Alignment

A strategic plan is the driver for an entire organization, forecasting the future, and outlining goals and milestones. Through our strategic plan assessment, we connect your plan in its current condition to activities, steps, systems, and actors to determine what you have and how you can amplify your success.

Our team measures your risk tolerance by researching and outlining risk events and their likelihood and consequences, then makes recommendations and assigns ownership to personnel in key risk areas. Deliverables are aligned with resources and tools for optimal performance. Finally, we ensure accountability by linking workforce capabilities with your existing technology and automated processes to identify more efficient coordination between people and technology.

An image of a meeting depicting mergers and acquisitions consulting

Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

Blending two different corporate cultures together is a challenge for leaders and employees. Before a merger or acquisition, it is imperative for companies to have a firm understanding of their processes to be able to adapt to others.

We become experts in your company through site visits and in-depth interviews with personnel and key stakeholders. From those discoveries, we develop an executive summary, which creates the foundation for assurance services. This allows us to build, assign, and report with evidence and confidence. We use industry best practices to work with leaders and key stakeholders to evaluate and prioritize risks to build a framework for success. As a result, organizations we have partnered with have improved operations and strengthened internal controls.

Corporate strategy layout on whiteboard

Sustainable Practices for Corporate Strategy

Business moves at a frenetic pace and is continuously being transformed by technology. As people become tech-savvy users, they look for secure, reliable digital tools and up-to-date information. We help organizations empower employees to take proactive steps to make informed decisions and better manage resources using technology.

Our team’s continued engagement with regulatory bodies means we are at the forefront of emerging cyber and technological risks. Gap analyses consider current practices, implementation, and future planning to identify cross-sector issues and joint workforce alignment.

Critical Ops’ business assurance services develop the workforce and leadership, addressing the evolving needs of the organization. We want to drive a culture of excellence and innovation by using a variety of resources for the workforce to demonstrate their skills and strengths by building talent, not buying it.