Program Planning

Providing Assurance with Program Planning

Drive initiatives, increase user adoption of new technology, and receive assistance with contracts and grants.

Start driving your corporate strategy.

Modern companies are juggling multiple demands. The need for streamlined processes is only growing. As leaders manage this evolution, supporting programs can fall by the wayside. Critical Ops is a trusted partner that serves as an extension of your team. We are your force multipliers, helping complete and maintain all programs

Contract and Grant Services

Grant and Contract Services

Grants and contracts have specific requirements that must be completed in a limited time frame within budget. We have extensive experience working with grants and contracts both as a company and in partnerships with external organizations. No matter the size and scope of the project, we lay out a robust timeline to meet deliverables to ensure the summary of work is met. We rely on a national network of subject matter experts who can lend their knowledge and insight to the development of your project. Our reputation for open communication and effective delivery has led to repeat customers in a variety of highly regulated industries.

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Transformation Initiatives

Some of the most well-known names in business in the U.S. invested $1.3 billion into digital transformation initiatives in 2019, and 70% of those investments were wasted. Communication was largely to blame for the disconnect within the organizations. As a result, employees and leadership didn’t have a clear understanding of how to implement new technology or software.

As an all-remote team since our start in 2011, Critical Ops is well-versed in how technology maximizes operations. From launching a collaborative software program like Microsoft 365 to shifting to the cloud and creating strong information security protocols, we guide your staff through the process. We help increase user adoption by building a transition framework to ensure everyone understands the vision. Our team minimizes data and security risks while reducing the chance of returning to legacy tools. 

Information Security

People and technology are enmeshed in unprecedented ways. The digital landscape is constantly changing, and new threats emerge each day. Our cybersecurity experts monitor emerging risks to help companies remain informed, vigilant, and agile.

The speed and necessity that companies need to adjust to the digital landscape leave opportunities for bad actors to exploit vulnerabilities. Critical Ops reviews and audits your digital security through a cyber assessment. Then, we summarize the findings from our assessment to provide a clear roadmap for your staff across all departments.

Transforming Program Development

As industries modernize, we keep up to date with compliance initiatives, examinations, workflow management, data analytics, and customer relationship management. Our assurance services help develop the workforce and leadership and address the evolving needs of the organization. We want to drive a culture of excellence and innovation by using a variety of resources for the workforce to demonstrate their skills and strengths. 

At the program level, we drill down to specific company needs and help you complete tasks on time and on budget. Get assistance with:

  • Grants and Contracts
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Administrative Duties
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Security Compliance