Community Service Through all the Waves of Life

If you were to seek someone instrumental in bridging gaps between where customers, employees, and the community intersect, look no further than Ziquora Banks. As the Community Relations Officer for Sound Credit Union in Tacoma, Washington, Ziquora knows trust and communication are the keys to providing excellent service. Through her position, she is able to bring people and communities together to teach and encourage financial wellness.

Ziquora rose through the ranks of the banking industry, learning the trade on multiple levels and gaining a better understanding of its functions. She began as a teller, then advanced to a banker, and finally into business development. She found her way into community relations, which sparked an unexpected passion in helping people manage their finances. Ziquora explains, “There is a need for financial education. Too many places, like underserved communities and schools, don’t go over what finances mean.”

Keeping a Transparent Culture

As a staff of three, her tight knit team uses openness to better serve their customers and community. Conflicts are addressed as a group to come to a collective solution. Though they may have different approaches to solving a problem or going into uncharted territory, there is space for creative ideas that lead to finding common ground. Their mission is to help one another be true to who they are each day. “We are here to be inclusive and have a collaborative space and we’re empathetic to each other,” she says. “We have a transparent culture, so if someone has feelings toward anything, or a passion for a specific idea, we’re open.”

That mission extends to residents in Tacoma and the surrounding communities. Managing personal finances is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Ziquora and her colleagues get to know their members and the places they live and work. They use that knowledge to share ways for people to learn about and grow wealth in a way that is tailored to their needs. She stresses the importance of the credit union being a place where people feel safe. Only then can they move the needle forward to build equity within the community.

What's Next

Ziquora plans to continue her work with underserved communities through the next waves of her life. She is especially interested in helping younger generations get a better understanding of their finances. In August, she will be joining Critical Ops at the FEMA Youth Preparedness Camp in Washington. She will use a simulation that will help the 40 adolescent attendees make financial decisions through real world scenarios. We are so excited to have Ziquora on our team!

To learn more about Ziquora and Sound Credit Union, visit their website.

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