Define Your Risk

Tackle risk in your workplace by putting it in context. Think about your values. What are your goals? How can you stand out from the crowd? After that, look at the tasks your team does each day and what role each person plays in your company. With an easy to understand definition, your team can dig into research, build a plan, and take steps to make risk a central focus. The graphic below will help you get started!

Define Your Risk

Give meaning to risk within your company culture.

Create a Single Definition
Predict the emerging risk in one area. Companies are influenced by their culture, the type of business they do, and the people who are part of the process. By setting up a single definition of the risk you want to tackle, you form a starting point to build on. Pick the topic that's most important to you.

Speak the same language. Communicate your vision.
Risk affects the way your team talks to each other. Up their confidence by explaining your goals and sharing your definitions. Others may not have the same ideas as you. Diverse views bring value to your discussions when all voices are heard.

Map the plan. Get to know your company and its risks.
You've made a single definition, now expand on it! Map the ways the risk could affect your company, your employees, and your product or service. Rate how each branch of the map could impact your business. Outline a scoring system to test your progress and success.

Analyze and Strategize. How can our team manage and reduce risk? 
Study the risk until you know everything about it. Take the roles of your workers into account. Be sure your plan is transparent and inclusive. Don't forget to include your stakeholders, so everyone can be part of your vision. Review your goals as you enter each new stage and make adjustments if needed.

Do you want to get everyone speaking the same risk language? Give us a call! We love talking risk!

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