Fostering Innovative Financial Enterprises

Credit unions face new challenges to provide meaningful and relevant services. Customers demand digital financial tools with a personalized touch. Critical Ops serves as a project partner to help institutions prioritize initiatives and manage tasks. We assist organizations with defining deliverables, outlining functions, and leveraging resources efficiently. Through our programs, organizations have successfully identified areas of improvement and closed gaps to ensure compliance.

As more digital tools are incorporated for member use, credit unions and other financial institutions must ensure cybersecurity and build trust. Our programs evaluate strengths and vulnerabilities and provide proactive strategies for transparency and to build trust with members and stakeholders. Thorough review and continued learning allows institutions to leverage new technology while safeguarding data and private information. A risk-focused architecture supports a framework for high professional standards, a positive workplace culture, and a commitment to member needs across the institution.


Enterprise Architecture

We want to be your partner in setting high standards across your organization to reach your goals. As the financial industry modernizes, we assist with compliance initiatives, examinations, workflow management, data analytics, and customer relationship management. Our programs help develop the workforce and succession planning that address the evolving needs of the organization.

Sound Corporate Governance

To ensure sound management, organizations must have reliable structures and processes in place. We use industry best practices to work with leaders and key stakeholders to evaluate and prioritize risks to build a framework for success. As a result, the organizations we have partnered with improved operations and strengthened internal controls.

Transparent Frameworks

Members are the heart of every credit union. As members become tech savvy consumers, they look for secure, reliable digital tools and up-to-date information. We help organizations empower customers to take proactive steps to make informed financial decisions through the use of digital tools. Our continued engagement with regulatory bodies means we are at the forefront of emerging risks.



CU Enterprise Risk Management Expert

NAFCU Certified Risk Manager

CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program

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Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors Annual Meeting, June 2019

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