Taking Healthcare into New Territories

As healthcare organizations adopt technology to advance care, make quick connections with patients, and share electronic health records, challenges remain in using tools and data in meaningful ways. Increased security risks, high data volume, and a growing market of wearable digital technologies are key concerns for providers and organizations. We provide project scoping to help you prioritize your goals and test business use cases to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment. Our experts study data and trends to better understand relationships and guide decision-making from the entry level employee to the stakeholder.

More people are using hemp and cannabinoids as an alternative treatment method. In the boom of the availability of over-the-counter products, patients turn to healthcare providers to make informed decisions. We’ve partnered with an organization that uses blockchain to track and trace specialty medications moving through the supply chain for better transparency. Our goal is to foster connections across organizations to improve outcomes and reduce risk.



Resilient Supply Chains

The healthcare industry is made of numerous moving pieces, from providers to suppliers to vendors to a growing market of digital health services. Patients look for transparency and ease when receiving care. We investigate and review technological solutions on the horizon, such as blockchain, to help organizations visualize their supply chain and use data to better understand relationships 

Clarity in Consumer Healthcare

Patients are using wearable technologies and other healthcare software to monitor and understand more about their health. But these systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks and risk exposing patient information. We work with emerging healthcare tech companies and audit the network between patient, device, and provider to ensure compliance and privacy standards.

Vertical Growth Validation

Healthcare companies are beginning to vertically integrate services for a continuum of care. This requires stakeholders and leadership to manage unfamiliar areas of the industry. Critical Ops provides project scoping to help you prioritize objectives for successful transitions and integration. We test business use cases to determine how you can effectively streamline your business and improve patient satisfaction.

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