Marco Program

Plan, organize, and lead activities to proactively minimize risk.

The patent-pending program helps Credit Unions and Community Banks test their Enterprise Risk Management processes while building relationships to create and protect organizational value. 

Standardized Process.  Eliminate the uncertainty of a bad facilitator. The Marco Program guides your discussion and lets you focus on identifying improvement areas and future technical training. Average Savings: $1,000/Month

Increased Knowledge Retention. Iterative sessions strengthen memory and increase knowledge retention in your organization. Average Savings: $43,000/Year

Creative Communities. The Marco Program makes risk fun!  A fun activity attracts participation, eliminating a need for expensive conferences while building trust and relationships in-house. Average Savings: $12,000/Year

The Marco Program comes in a box, requires no set-up and can be run immediately.  

Want more?  Our master facilitators are available to support your session and analyze your results. This flexible and straightforward approach is your answer for planning, response, and long-term recovery exercises.


Teach Life a Lesson.

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