Training and Exercises

We design, develop and support comprehensive all-hazards training and exercise programs.  Our growing list (join!) of Subject Matter Experts offer evidence-based training based on standards, experience and intuition.  We believe learning is an iterative process and stay until the standard is met!    

Our Advantage

Adaptive Leadership

Our team is strategically organized to ensure positive and sustainable emergency plans, ESFs or Annexes, and training and exercises to test the plans. Our experts’ portfolios include Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) writing and testing, training and exercises, expertise in stakeholder preparedness response, and emergency management with a specialized focus on innovative approaches to communication, the HSEEP methodology, and the Incident Command System (ICS).


Modeling and Simulations

We have excellent partnerships with high-quality technology firms and can offer evidence-based, nationally recognized modeling and simulations to enhance realism, create scalable participation, and leverage the dynamic culture present during robust exercises. Our tools are innovative, flexible, and scalable to: 1) grow physical and virtual participation given the dual-presentation space; 2) decrease exercise preparation time with web-based access to previous exercises and After Action Reviews (AARs); and 3) maximize resources, such as time typically set-aside for travel to/from the exercise and expenses (e.g., materials, labor, etc.). 


Multi-Agency and Multi-Jurisdictional Implementation  

Our current work includes projects that extend beyond the organizations geographic border.  We leverage our networks and combined approach to integrating lessons learned from local to international communities.  The enhanced engagement with networked professionals makes sure we aren't "reinventing the wheel." 


Key Competencies

All-Hazards Emergency Management
Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
Stakeholder Preparedness Response
Community Resiliency
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Red Team (War Gaming) 


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