Youth Leadership

We are committed to building disaster preparedness and resiliency for the whole community - especially our youth!  A culture of preparedness begins with them and presents unique opportunity to partner with us.   

Our Past Experience:

Tribal Youth Preparedness Training. 

In coordination with FEMA Region 10 Tribal Affairs and National Preparedness Staff, we were selected to design and conduct a five-day pilot program on Cultural Resiliency and Teen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training for 50 Teens from the Tulalip and Quinault Tribes in the State of Washington.  Over the five-day period, we achieved a 107% improvement in the participants' willingness to promote the Tribal Communities preparedness posture!  Link:

Youth Summer Camp. 

We developed an eight-week resiliency and preparedness summer camp for Wedgefield University for Kids (WU4K) in South Carolina.  The dynamic curriculum exposed K-4 students to difficult topics in a language they understood.  We conducted the outreach and coordination with local first responders and businesses for a whole-community approach.  It was a huge success, and the School principal has acknowledged a 43% growth in enrollment from the initiative over a two-year period!     

Teen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training and Camp.

Our success with the Tribal Youth Preparedness Training earned us the opportunity to design and conduct a second pilot program with FEMA for the summer of 2019. The event will feature Teen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and You Are the Help Until Help Arrives materials to educate participants on threats and hazards in the area, promote preparedness, and empower youth leadership within the region.  Enrollment opens soon for this on-going initiative!    

Want to positively impact future generations' capabilities and dedication to a preparedness culture? 

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