Business Needs

Business Needs

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The Business Assessment program allows your participants to identify process improvements for an effective operation and successful customer service.  What does your company need to do for efficient and effective operations? What business compliance requirements do you need to fulfill?

You'll receive a physical kit with a facilitator’s guide, workbooks to serve 20 participants, and a pre-paid return envelope. A virtual facilitator is provided, but not required, for the completion of the Marco Program.  Once complete, send the workbooks back to our experts for analysis and the creation of a Teach Life a Lesson summary.

The Teach Life a Lesson summary highlights strengths, vulnerabilities, and recommendations for you and your participants. It references reading materials, products to purchase, videos to watch, and activities for future engagement. All learning styles have a path to pursue the next preparedness steps. 

Purchase or gift one now to engage in a conversation about a real topic that has real impacts.

Special note: kit services 20 participants.