Cybersecurity Risk Management

Secure the smarter, more connected, and mobile digital universe.

Inspect the state of your organization's security and fortify its defenses with fully customizable cybersecurity services to meet your needs.

Security is essential for modern businesses

A single breach can result in enormous financial and reputational losses. For many companies, technology is used for different applications across the organization, and managing it is a constant task. Critical Ops offers several options to help empower employees across an organization to be proactive and go on offense against cyber threats.

Photo depicts a cybersecurity maturity assessment

Maturity Assessment

A customized, full-scope cybersecurity assessment to visualize and analyze the current maturity of secure technology integration.

Photo of cybersecurity to improve strategic planning

Continuous Monitoring

Strong continuous security monitoring software creates a transparent network that can be carefully observed to prevent malicious activity.

An image of ipad security for device security

Software Security

Meticulously review the devices connected to your network for potential vulnerabilities and security recommendations.

All of our cybersecurity risk services include:

In-Depth Interviews

People are the driving force of cybersecurity risk resilience. Through extensive interviews, we learn the intricacies of your organization and find the best starting point for the assessment.

Policy and Procedure Reviews

Company polices and procedures are reviewed and evaluated against industry best practices. We make sure our recommendations adhere to high level of completeness.

Funding Considerations

Strategic investment in technology and security prevents wasting time and money on tools that do not suit your business needs. We find resources within your company's budget to maximize implementation.

Industry-Specific Best Practices Alignment

We incorporate any standards desirable by assessment recipients, adhering to the unique requirements of industry best practices and compliance regulations.

Cybersecurity Threat Management Strategy

This approach looks at your processes for addressing cyber risk and evaluates its success. Areas for improvement are matched to your goals.

Continuous Open Communication

Our experts gather necessary information and provide frequent updates throughout the process to incorporate changes and new discoveries.

An Easy to Understand Roadmap

Cybersecurity roadmaps and plans are provided in a format that is easily consumable by non-technical directors and managers.

Post-Assessment Assistance

After we assess your cyber health, we remain your partner to help your new plans, practices, and policies take shape.

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