The Marco Program™ is one of our cornerstone programs to get your company aligned to strategic goals.  It is designed for employees to discuss tough topics in a fail-safe environment.  In addition to building trust, accountability and confidence in teams, it has resulted in governance, policy, and compliance updates to legacy programs.  Below are a few programs we use during our project assurance role.


Empowering Employers

The Empowering Employers series covers topics having an impact on modern workplaces. These include Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment; Workplace Violence; Opioid Workplace Safety; and Information Security.

Crisis Management

Does your company have policies, training, and resources in place to address a business disruption? Break down communication silos and bridge the gaps between employees and departments through lively discussions on relevant topics.

Custom Programs

Our team of experts will build a Marco Program™ with the topic and subject area required to keep projects on track and meet strategic goals.

“The Marco Program™ was very easy! We got the kit, which required minimal set-up, and ran our program. The unique and strategic framework of the program led to an engaging session with immediate results.”  -Federal Credit Union, MA