The Marco Program™ is one of our cornerstone programs. The 1-hour engagement kit arrives in the mail ready to use. It contains a facilitator’s guide and workbooks for 25 participants. Your organization can maximize that one hour talking with your staff about subjects affecting the modern workplace. The program is delivered by an experienced facilitator either in-person or digitally to best suit your needs. At the end of the session, drop the workbooks into a prepaid envelope and send them back. Our team of professionals analyzes your results and creates a customized two-page Teach Life a Lesson® Summary you can use to build your risk framework. For more information, see below for some of the program areas we offer.


Empowering Employers

The Empowering Employers series covers topics having an impact on modern workplaces. These include Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment; Workplace Violence; Opioid Workplace Safety; and Information Security.

Crisis Management

Does your company have policies, training, and resources in place to address a business disruption? Break down communication silos and bridge the gaps between employees and departments through lively discussions on relevant topics.

Custom Programs

Our team of experts is ready to help you Teach Life a Lesson®. Customize a Marco Program™ with the topic and subject area of your choice. We work with you to build the program that will be the right fit for your organization or audience.

“The Marco Program™ was very easy! We got the kit, which required minimal set-up, and ran our program. The unique and strategic framework of the program led to an engaging session with immediate results.”  -Federal Credit Union, MA

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