Winning Strategies

Heidi Murphy, Principal and Vice President of Finance, Warwick Communications

Heidi Murphy loves to win. Whether it’s on a sports team or in business, a Principal and Vice President of Finance for Warwick Communications finds competition to be her most enduring motivator. Heidi brings her passion for athletics to the workplace every day, challenging herself to be the best manager and to be at the top of her industry. Warwick is a voice communications and IT service provider for small to medium businesses based out of Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded in 1946 and passed through two family generations. In 2009, Heidi, her longtime friend, and two other employees offered to buy into the company, and a little luck and timing afforded them ownership.

An Employee Centered Approach

During that time, the recession hit the economy hard. With slow growth and a limited budget, Heidi and her team had to be creative in recruiting and keeping employees. She tapped into what was important to them, offering a flexible schedule and the chance to work from home. They continued the vision laid out by Warwick’s original owners by making it a great place to work where family always comes first.

The employee-focused approach helps them keep morale high. The Warwick team works hard every day, but there is always time left over for fun. Whether it’s the casual work setting or social outings where everyone can bond, it is Heidi’s hope that employees can find happiness at work. Everyone has a voice at Warwick. Long-term employees serve as mentors to those just entering their careers. New employees bring life to the company, showing how things can be done in a different way. They find balance by using a variety of opinions to solve problems. 

A Team Effort

Loyalty is an important value to the Warwick team. Heidi began her career at the company over twenty years ago in the marketing department. She liked marketing, but wanted to expand her horizons, so she got a CPA and was offered the controller position. When it came time to buy into the company, she had invested years into it and wanted to see it grow. With the help of her childhood friend to give her an outside perspective, they formed a partnership, fulfilling a years-long dream of going into business together. They are careful not to let disagreements affect their relationship. “We don’t take sides because we’re friends at heart,” she says. “We have heated battles, but we always call each other afterward. Friendship is friendship and work is work.”

Overcoming conflicts among the team takes effort, and there is always room for change. Recently, they conducted a culture building exercise that identified key points for improvement. Control was placed in the hands of the employees to take the lead and work toward those initiatives. They are making an effort to use time more effectively by having well organized meetings with a central focus. Heidi credits her success to the men and women who have shaped the company into what it is today. “They are helping us change to be the new Warwick. We value and appreciate them and want to make work as enjoyable as it can be.”

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