Imagine the perfect product for the perfect audience. 

Picture your service as the one that customers want and need on a daily basis.

Critical Ops is your team of experts that will help your idea accomplish your goals.

Our goal is to understand the dream you have for your idea.  We will talk, and listen, to your potential target audiences about their needs and wants.  Our findings will be shared with you to shape your future product and service.  It is our goal to help you succeed by fulfilling a request from your customers. 

Our passion and expertise is driven by a multi-generational workforce located in nine different states.  Our many years of experience in multiple industries have generated lessons that we look forward to sharing with you!

We are here and ready to make YOU ROCK!

3,767 customer interviews conducted

$11 million generated for our clients through customer discovery

54 states and territories represented clients from all over the U.S.