We Manage Corporate Risk.

As your project assurance team, we reduce the fear of the unknown, protect the value of your company, and give you the confidence to chase new opportunities.

Project Assurance

We work with your team to achieve strategic goals.  Whether you are in a Corporate pivot or it is business as usual, complex projects and new customer initiatives have risks that will impact your profitability.  We join your team, manage the project risk, and bring in hard to find talent so you achieve expected results.

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Relationship Opportunities

Our partners call us a “vital ally in the pursuit of excellence.” Many of these relationships began with an idea, identified funding, and ran successful pilot projects before turning into long-term programs.  We are always looking ahead to give you an edge over your competitors and welcome you on our team. 

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Operation New Normal

Operation: New Normal is a people-driven, technology supported approach to the workplace transformation. The process focuses on three areas: your people, your structures, and your technology. When the assessment is complete, we provide you with a detailed summary of our findings so you can build your strategy and get your whole team working together toward your new business landscape. Click here for more information.


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Who We Are

Critical Ops is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that partners with organizations as their project assurance team. Our proprietary methodology identifies opportunities to reduce risk, increase profits, and enhance corporate reputation. As a forward-looking partner, we monitor key risk indicators and give you the competitive advantage.


Let's Get Started

We love talking about risk! If you are ready to take the first step in making risk top-of-mind at your organization, we would be thrilled to chat with you.