Our Story

Critical Ops is a woman-owned business led by Chelsea Treboniak, a 2006 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. We’re made up of individuals from military, educational, and creative arts backgrounds. Every day, we commit to attacking risks with the highest likelihood of causing severe business interruptions. To meet this goal, we encourage diversity in thought and collaboration to solve problems big and small.

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Critical Ops approaches risk from a positive, non-traditional standpoint. We view enterprise risks as an opportunity to break the stereotype. Through our programs, your organization can shape its risk framework to complement your strategic planning process. It is our goal to help you make wiser, more efficient decisions and increase your confidence in maximizing your investments.

We believe people are our most valuable asset. We leverage an experienced staff from an array of demographics with a wide range of knowledge and insight. Our team is dynamic and innovative, making a meaningful impact on every decision, activity, and interaction we have with our customers, colleagues, and business partners.

Staff Spotlight

Sean Garry, Program Manager


Question 1: What tools do you use to get groups of people talking about risk?

A: Examples of risk, particularly tangible examples.

Question 2: How does technology change the way people interact?

A: It increases the speed at which we communicate and also provides constant access to communicate. Both can be an asset and a detriment. Speed leads to faster decision making but tends to distract people from the task at hand with interruptions. Access increases productivity based upon people’s ability to communicate more frequently but significantly weakens the bonds created by face to face discussions.

Question 3: What is the biggest barrier to communication and how do you overcome it?

A: People are often hesitant to communicate when they lack confidence. Overcome it by preparing for potential topics or remain quiet and listen. Listening is passive communication, but still communication.

Question 4: How have you seen groups incorporate feedback and improve their processes?

A: Through the development of lessons learned and following up with open items following a real world or training event.

Question 5: How does working for Critical Ops help you invest in your passions?

A: The broad range of professional industries that Critical Ops touches and interacts with on a regular basis allows you to take a deeper dive into one that interests you.

Question 6: If you could recommend a book to someone, what would it be?

A: Old man and the Sea, a great story about not giving up no matter how bleak things appear or no matter what age you are.

Question 7: What are you watching right now?

A: Sports, what else?

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“The professionalism exhibited by Critical Ops has been nothing short of impressive.”

-Dwight Graves, JMG Logistics