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A Remote Business With a Passion for People

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Critical Ops strives to build deep relationships with our clients that last well beyond our first engagement. Our desire to help people drives us to go the extra mile in everything we do.

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Clients can expect Critical Ops to approach every offering with diligence, intent, and inventiveness. No two industries are alike, yet often systems and methods used in one create a competitive advantage in another. We find those and disrupt the status quo.

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Our focus on the employee experience during an integration improves how people use technology and opens the door for growth in the organization.

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Company Values

We believe people are our most valuable assets. We leverage an experienced staff from an array of demographics with a wide range of knowledge and insight. Our team is dynamic and creative, making a meaningful impact on every decision, activity, and interaction we have with our customers, colleagues, and business partners.

Critical Ops Leadership

Critical Ops is a woman-owned business led by Chelsea Treboniak, a 2006 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Every day, we commit to discovering opportunities to effectively blend the human element with technology. To meet this goal, we encourage diversity in thought and collaboration to solve problems big and small.

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Our Story

In 2011, Chelsea Treboniak found herself staring down a long and unpaved road. 

She had recently moved to Twinsburg, Ohio, after her husband, Chad, a United States Army Veteran, received a new duty station. She was restarting in a new town with new people in a new state. Again. But she’d been in those boots before as a West Point graduate and a U.S. Army veteran herself.

Critical Ops launched in 2012 as a two-person operation with rapid expansion in highly regulated industries. Chelsea decided early that she wanted Critical Ops to be all-remote, so families like hers, who were moving roughly every three years, didn’t have to interrupt their employment. Brick and mortar locations and geography didn’t stand as obstacles to overcome. 

Building the Team

Critical Ops’ all-star bench includes diligent and grounded workers who prove their passions every day! The Critical Ops team welcomes diversity in thought and allows people to embrace their talents to grow personally and professionally. Chelsea believes everyone should foster their strengths, and that personal nuances bring incredible value to everything we do. We celebrate the wonderful things our staff does both at work and outside of it because it means they can bring their entire selves every day.

Community-Focused Approach

Living in five states in less than ten years, Chelsea became attuned to the communities’ unique needs in which she’s lived and worked. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all, prefabricated solution to an organization’s most pressing challenges regardless of the city or business. Our integration services customize everything down to the most delicate details. When we understand who you are and what legacy you want to leave, we can design your roadmap to achieve results. That means taking the time to really get to know our customers in a granular way.

Charging Forward

Now in its 11th year of business, Critical Ops has evolved from its humble roots to serve as long-term partners in your success. We are the unbiased and extra set of eyes and ears to track your strategy’s full scope, from entry-level employees to the top brass. We aren’t afraid to turn risk into an opportunity or to make calculated and informed decisions. Let us be your partner in a people-driven, technology-supported future.


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Federal Designations

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

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State/Local Designations

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Port Authority of NY & NJ Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)

Cleveland Small Business (CSB)

Female Business Enterprise (FBE)

Local Producer Enterprise (LPE)

Veteran-friendly Business Enterprise (VBE) in Ohio

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