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8,000 Miles

8,000 Miles Later...

November 29, 2023

We traveled 8,000 miles and presented to over 1,000 executives across multiple industries to write this blog. Our team has been on the road for the past 6-weeks focused on innovative strategies, collaborative partnerships, and insightful discussions. Check out where we’ve been and what we accomplished.


Nashville, TN: Tech4DRR

Critical Ops was one of a handful of stakeholders looking at how technology could be better employed for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas and the Caribbean. Tech4DRR, hosted at the beautiful Belmont University, was a 2-day action-packed workshop exploring how to make the world a better place. The workshop was only the beginning as we are set to reconvene in early December 2023.    

Las Vegas, NV: Unlocking Insights and Potential

In partnership with CU Conferences, the journey started with a deep exploration into deception and fraud prevention in Credit Unions at the National Directors Roundtable Conference . Our presentation Calling All Fraud Fighters! focused on how to prepare for all phases of fraud. This builds on our monthly fraud meeting that is free to all CU fraud fighters! Closing out the trip, we focused on finding the untapped talent in your organization and leveraging it to improve existing competencies.


Kent, OH: Pioneering Advanced Air Mobility

The grand opening of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering on Oct 20th at Kent State University was excellent! More importantly, the Center for Advanced Air Mobility within the University will be a hub of innovation, research, and collaboration. It brings together faculty, staff, students, and external partners from government, academia, and industry to address the transformative field of advanced air mobility. Critical Ops President Chelsea Treboniak is an Advisory Board Member of the newly established center.


Kent, OH: Partnerships in Advanced Air Mobility

Moderating the AAM Panel, Chelsea led several visionaries on ”Identifying and Fostering Sustainable Partnerships in AAM” for Marla Perez-Davis, Director, KSU Center for Advanced Air Mobility. The panelists began the discussion by defining sustainable partnerships in the context of AAM. Definitions sparked a conversation about successful cross-sector partnerships, including those from manufacturing, business, technology, research, and consumers on a national and international scale. Key factors contributing to success include awareness, networking at various events, and diversity for consideration of alternate perspectives. The session closed with perspectives on partnerships from the following lenses: environmental impact, technology and infrastructure, investment and funding, sustainability, and the evolving regulatory landscape. 


Nashville, TN: Empowering Credit Unions through Innovation

Aurora Advantage represents the next generation of core software solutions for small and mid-sized credit unions. This user conference brought together Aurora Advantage customers, for whom we provided the keynote presentation. The presentation’s focus connected the cost-efficient operating platform designed by Aurora Advantage with modernization initiatives, including a skills matrix, process transparency, and technology as an enabler. Attendees were encouraged to get outside their comfort zone, create hypotheses for 2035, and action plan milestones to achieve incredible feats!


Las Colinas, TX: Fortifying Defenses Against Fraud

This dynamic 90-minute fraud workshop at the 2023 CUNA BSA/AML Certification Conference with NASCUS was exclusively for credit unions. Attendees explored real-world case studies, dissecting intricate fraud schemes and their impacts on credit unions. Small group discussions helped advance effective fraud prevention and safeguarding of members’ financial assets and personal information. Insights, innovative detection strategies, and collaborative tools to fortify defenses against evolving fraudulent threats in the ever-changing economic landscape drove actionable items critical to the fight against fraud.

Charleston, SC: Knockout Fraud

Critical Ops had the privilege of emceeing the second annual Knockout Fraud event with REV Federal Credit Union. This event brought together seasoned professionals and renowned industry experts to tackle the pressing issues of Cybercrime, Risk Management, Regulations, and Elder Fraud. The attendee roster showcased an impressive lineup, featuring participants from both state and federal law enforcement branches. Notably, the event also drew representatives from multiple financial institutions and Senator Thomas C. Alexander, President of the South Carolina Senate, who introduced a resolution to recognize International Fraud Awareness Week and promote anti-fraud awareness and education.

Washington, D.C.: Transportation Peer Exchange

We planned and led the Transportation Emergency Management and Security Summit & Exchange, referred to as the Peer Exchange. It allowed state DOT practitioners, federal agency partners, academia, and the private sector to share advances in this field, best practices, and lessons learned. The event brought together over 60 transportation professionals from 32 states to engage with various critical topics relevant to the future of transportation. A summary report will be published afterward to capture lessons learned and best practices shared during the summit and exchange. What a powerful experience!


Lansing, MI: Exercising the National Guard

The Michigan National Guard continues to stay ready to respond when called upon. Critical Ops is leading the planning and execution of various training and exercise events inside of the State of Michigan, and we love it. We are focused on designing forward facing exercises that test communication and practice decision-making in a controlled environment. The goal: refining emergency response plans to ensure coordinated and efficient real-world incident management.  

Each destination in this whirlwind journey has been a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and foresight in shaping industries for a brighter, more secure future. As Critical Ops continues to trailblaze across diverse landscapes, the impact of these experiences resonates as a beacon of transformation.

Where are we headed next? Check out our events page to stay on top of the next cross-country tour.