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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s making your three pillars of success – people, process, and technology – mutually supportive. Focusing purely on integrating operational efficiencies is a sure way to improve profitability and reduce costs. Once your secret is out, it’s only a matter of time until your competition copies you. Our business integration process targets the core of your operation and focuses on designing systems that create value for other activities within your business. Unlike focusing solely on operational efficiencies, a modern system becomes a competitive advantage that your competition will be unlikely to copy.

Over the past 10-years, we’ve helped smaller teams of 10-15 employees through larger organizations of over 200 achieve their goals. We aren’t ashamed to say that 100% of the projects we were hired for were completed regardless of complexity. So, how are we different? 100% of our clients have become clients for life. High-five to us!

Each project is very customized to the exact integration need. For some companies, it is as simple as documenting how they do business, or it’s conducting a complete IT realignment with automation and managing the change management continuum. Those costs vary wildly but have always generated a greater return on investment than our invoice. Companies we’ve worked with have consistently said the value we brought was well worth the price of the service. And as your partner in this process, we stick around to make sure the system functions as designed for as long as you’d like.

None. Every company we’ve ever worked with has its own culture and does things differently. That said, every company we work with has employees, customers, and something they sell. So, if your company has those three things, we’ve worked with someone just like you and understand how to get you ready for tomorrow.

Your current employees are your greatest asset to future success and your best hiring tools. It’s no surprise that great employees hang around with great future employees! We focus on giving your team performance-oriented job descriptions with achievable goals that align with your company’s vision. They’ll be your greatest advocate to fill open positions when they are successful. 

As a trusted partner with an impartial perspective, sometimes the employee looking for a new job is just misplaced based on their capability and skills. When changing how your organization is structured to meet your business vision, we ensure your people are correctly aligned. When employees are given the opportunity to use and grow their talents, they stick around.

We believe that employees have the best intentions to do the right thing and that sometimes life gets in the way. Leaders who establish and enforce standards – organization-wide – enjoy teams who become accountable to each other and the company vision. The baseline document to define the goals and objectives for each employee and enforce accountability is a well-communicated (and often dreaded) employee evaluation form. These azimuth checks are the #1 way to communicate your standards for quality and productivity.

First, high-five! Companies expanding in new territories or landing another big contract often need to hire large groups of people quickly. During the excitement of the new opportunity, management often overlooks opportunities to reduce the work of others or consolidate jobs and departments. When you spend time right-sizing the structure of your organization to validate that duties and functions are not overlapping and conflicting, is rapid growth really that bad?

That is tough to answer as it varies. We dig in and design a visual of your process that identifies the bottlenecks, delays, and wasted effort within your current product or service. After the current state is captured, we work through a future state and outline a plan to get from today to tomorrow. Companies we’ve worked with are always excited about reducing waste but are often more excited about their employees’ newfound time to grow the company vision.

Most often – employee frustration. As a society, there are certain on-demand expectations we have become accustomed to – from new release movies on our TV to groceries on our doorstep within hours. These are possible due to the processes governing your company’s oversight, employee decision-making authority, and communication systems working in tandem. We look into all of these processes and align everything to work together. Like Thomas Edison said, “There’s always a better way to do it…find it!”

Your employees will undoubtedly work at different speeds, but often the imbalance is hidden within the actual process. A critical first step is analyzing the operational value stream your team is working within. This process is designed to uncover the unnecessary routines and duplication of efforts that have created unequal workloads in your organization. Finding and eliminating wasted effort within the value stream results in increased employee output without increasing their effort to get there.

This is probably the most significant differentiator between wildly successful companies and those that bump along. Having a well-defined communication process focused on ensuring that information is heard correctly, understood in the manner intended, and relevant positively impacts the bottom line. You win when you have a great communication flow between employees, technology, and within the employee-technology ecosystem.

A bunch. Since 2012, we’ve been an all-virtual workforce and understand the delicate balance of access to company resources and the security required to maintain control of critical information. We focus on the Zero Trust framework and ensure the access and controls of your IT Governance structure are discussed first – non-negotiable. This increases your transparency into who has permission to key documents and the confidence that your company secrets are safe.

As a partner with multiple tech companies, we’ll be happy to transition your ad hoc structure to a more collaborative system and position you as a digital-first company. We understand that as your business grows, so do your technology needs. Many companies start with free versions of multiple software platforms linked through APIs to create cross-collaboration. While this system might be working for you today, we’ll build an ecosystem so you can enjoy greater freedom and deeper insights into your business.

Short answer: shoot us their name, position, and the problem you’d like solved. We have a great team who can show them the value they’d receive through key activities like automation or the risk they’d mitigate through network segmentation or a better asset lifecycle plan. Either way, we understand you’re in a unique position, and we’d be happy to help.