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coworkers sitting at table communicating
Communication System

Effective Communication Systems

Part 1 of the Information Management and Knowledge Management series. How do you prefer to receive information? This article explores what an effective communication system can do for your business.

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Person Holding Iphone in Airport
Press Release


Critical Ops, LLC was awarded a Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) under the Electronic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) contracting vehicle. We will contribute under the Air Transportation Support Functional Area, providing major support systems, technical analysis, professional services, and management expertise for the FAA.

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A talent pipeline for succession planning
Succession Planning

4 Ways to Build Your Talent Pipeline

Succession planning focuses on keeping a talented community of individuals in your company. This article explores 4 ways to build your talent pipeline using succession planning.

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Leader updating their business KPIs

7 Steps to Better KPIs

One of the many changes the pandemic brought is the requirement for leaders to re-think their key performance indicators and how they are tracked. Use these 7 steps to design better KPIs for your business because yesterday’s metrics are not ready today’s work environment.

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Tomorrows Workforce

The optimist in our current environment envisions a vibrant workforce eager and engaged in accomplishing goals. Unfortunately, a myriad of factors ranging from rising inflation to global conflict are distracting us from this exciting forecast. Remain optimistic. Workers are ready to be successful and we must plan for their rapid return!

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Product Evaluation Process

All organizations are looking for high-quality products to meet employees and customers where they expect to be met. During the product selection process, the hard work on the front-end screens out products that hardly work on the back end. Follow these 6 steps to a better product evaluation process.

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