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Product Evaluation Process

All organizations are looking for high-quality products to meet employees and customers where they expect to be met. During the product selection process, the hard work on the front-end screens out products that hardly work on the back end. Follow these 6 steps to a better product evaluation process.

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Business Modernization

Assessing and Controlling the Hybrid Workplace

If you can’t see it, how can you assess it? If you can’t assess it, how can you control it? Regardless of the business function, these two questions are top-of-mind in the hybrid workplace. Metrics have a seat in the workplace – but are especially relevant in the absence of physical or co-mingled office environments.

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Standard Operating Procedure

Cybersecurity in Transportation

While efforts are made to address cybersecurity in transportation, there is still a significant gap. Not only is it essential to ensure these transportation systems function the way they should, but it is also imperative to protect them. See how we are addressing it.

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Value Stream Map

Business Process Alignment

Business process alignment can eliminate the waste clogging up your performance. This is a multi-step process with the end goal of creating new efficiencies in operations. Learn how visualizing the value stream can help.

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Information Technology

Cloud Migration

A cloud migration plan doesn’t have to overwhelm your business! There is much work to be done upfront, discovering all the unknowns and putting a strategy in place. Here are 5 steps on how you can migrate to the cloud today.

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Information Technology

5G Use Cases

We hear a lot about 5G, on TV, on different websites, social media advertisements, you name it. What can we do with 5G technologies, and how can it make a difference for us? This article explores practical use cases in different sectors.

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