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Value Stream Map

Business Process Alignment

Business process alignment can eliminate the waste clogging up your performance. This is a multi-step process with the end goal of creating new efficiencies in operations. Learn how visualizing the value stream can help.

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Cloud storage
Information Technology

Cloud Migration

A cloud migration plan doesn’t have to overwhelm your business! There is much work to be done upfront, discovering all the unknowns and putting a strategy in place. Here are 5 steps on how you can migrate to the cloud today.

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Information Technology

5G Use Cases

We hear a lot about 5G, on TV, on different websites, social media advertisements, you name it. What can we do with 5G technologies, and how can it make a difference for us? This article explores practical use cases in different sectors.

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Information Technology

5G Health Risk Myths

What is true and what isn’t regarding 5G health risks? In a social climate where we are constantly updated with real-time activity, it is easy for misinformation to spread. This article seeks to resolve that question by addressing the most important facts.

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Information Technology

5G Technology Primer

Telecommunications technology has enabled never before seen large-scale connectivity. A brief list of these technologies includes telephone, television, satellite, radio, and computer networking.  Discover 3 advantages 5G technology will have over the current mobile broadband.

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Business Modernization

Modernizing Legacy Technology

Legacy technology is devices, hardware, and software that are outdated or obsolete. Upgrading this technology brings multiple benefits to an organization, making them faster, more agile, and more efficient collaborators. Here are 6 benefits of modernizing legacy technology.

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