Critical Infrastructure Modernization Forum | September 19, 2022

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Leader updating their business KPIs

7 Steps to Better KPIs

One of the many changes the pandemic brought is the requirement for leaders to re-think their key performance indicators and how they are tracked. Use these 7 steps to design better KPIs for your business because yesterday’s metrics are not ready today’s work environment.

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Information Technology

5G Use Cases

We hear a lot about 5G, on TV, on different websites, social media advertisements, you name it. What can we do with 5G technologies, and how can it make a difference for us? This article explores practical use cases in different sectors.

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Information Technology

5G Technology Primer

Telecommunications technology has enabled never before seen large-scale connectivity. A brief list of these technologies includes telephone, television, satellite, radio, and computer networking.  Discover 3 advantages 5G technology will have over the current mobile broadband.

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