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If slow decision making, unequal workloads, and poor communication are plaguing your day to day, consider revisiting, updating, and integrating your processes.  

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Design Your Way to Success

Having the right processes in place is critical to creating an effective and productive business. We design processes with intention, always looking to future proof and modernize while remaining firmly rooted in research and evaluation.

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Value Stream Map.

Lean and modern, our detailed Value Stream Maps are a visual representation of all your business functions. They work hard to identify waste, maximize customer satisfaction and design future state efficiencies.

Organization Control Chart.

Need help identifying which processes are stable and which require attention and improvement? We develop position-based process oversight to give leaders a clear way to evaluate progress and make informed decisions.

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Delegation of Authority.

Talent and skill development should be intentional. With clarity around leadership we develop decision making thresholds and oversight metrics so operational decisions can be made at the lowest level.

Communication System.

Communication is everything, and how businesses choose to communicate can determine effectiveness. When breakdowns in communications occur, we step in with a plan to ensure business communications are sent and received effectively.

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Standard Operating Policies and Procedures.

Looking to achieve consistency in production, maximize uptime, increase safety, improve employee training and more? We capture and design how businesses operate from soup to nuts, with our clear, actionable, SOPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

That is tough to answer as it varies. We dig in and design a visual of your process that identifies the bottlenecks, delays, and wasted effort within your current product or service. After the current state is captured, we work through a future state and outline a plan to get from today to tomorrow. Companies we’ve worked with are always excited about reducing waste but are often more excited about their employees’ newfound time to grow the company vision.

Most often – employee frustration. As a society, there are certain on-demand expectations we have become accustomed to – from new release movies on our TV to groceries on our doorstep within hours. These are possible due to the processes governing your company’s oversight, employee decision-making authority, and communication systems working in tandem. We look into all of these processes and align everything to work together. Like Thomas Edison said, “There’s always a better way to do it…find it!”

Your employees will undoubtedly work at different speeds, but often the imbalance is hidden within the actual process. A critical first step is analyzing the operational value stream your team is working within. This process is designed to uncover the unnecessary routines and duplication of efforts that have created unequal workloads in your organization. Finding and eliminating wasted effort within the value stream results in increased employee output without increasing their effort to get there.

This is probably the most significant differentiator between wildly successful companies and those that bump along. Having a well-defined communication process focused on ensuring that information is heard correctly, understood in the manner intended, and relevant positively impacts the bottom line. You win when you have a great communication flow between employees, technology, and within the employee-technology ecosystem.

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