Critical Infrastructure Modernization Forum | September 19, 2022

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Communication System

Information Management

Part 2 of the Information Management and Knowledge Management series. There are 3 elements of Information Management. This article discusses how a company collects, stores, and provides access to information.

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coworkers sitting at table communicating
Communication System

Effective Communication Systems

Part 1 of the Information Management and Knowledge Management series. How do you prefer to receive information? This article explores what an effective communication system can do for your business.

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A talent pipeline for succession planning
Succession Planning

4 Ways to Build Your Talent Pipeline

Succession planning focuses on keeping a talented community of individuals in your company. This article explores 4 ways to build your talent pipeline using succession planning.

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Tomorrows Workforce

The optimist in our current environment envisions a vibrant workforce eager and engaged in accomplishing goals. Unfortunately, a myriad of factors ranging from rising inflation to global conflict are distracting us from this exciting forecast. Remain optimistic. Workers are ready to be successful and we must plan for their rapid return!

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Strategic Planning

Cross-Functional Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the backbone of any business modernization. It is a guide that communicates where a company is and where they want to be. Though this is an important endeavor for every organization, almost 67% of strategic plans fail. This article explores how to make them a success!

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