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People are at the heart of any successful business. If you are struggling with high turnover, limited accountability, and unrealistic expectations there's a good chance you need to take a deeper look at your people processes.

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We're People People

From planning to evals and everything in between, we carefully consider how to help you maximize your people and enhance their experience to limit turnover, increase clarity, and provide innovative and modern solutions for strategic feedback.

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Strategic Planning.

We lead the design process for the Future State of the Company, giving you peace of mind and a clear plan forward.

Organizational Charts.

We love a good org chart. They provide clarity especially now as business hierarchy has become blurred and less rigid. We offer modern designs to accommodate on-site, hybrid, or all-virtual operations.

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Job Descriptions.

Job descriptions are essential after any new change in a company. We design performance-oriented descriptions focused on duties, responsibilities and authority to align expectations and meet business goals company wide.

Employee Evaluations.

Well designed evaluations take into account company goals and objectives. We focus on aligning them with your strategic plan to move every part of your team in the same direction. 

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Succession Planning.

Succession planning identifies the key roles tomorrow’s leaders will fill, today, and sets their path to success. Win-win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your current employees are your greatest asset to future success and your best hiring tools. It’s no surprise that great employees hang around with great future employees! We focus on giving your team performance-oriented job descriptions with achievable goals that align with your company’s vision. They’ll be your greatest advocate to fill open positions when they are successful. 

As a trusted partner with an impartial perspective, sometimes the employee looking for a new job is just misplaced based on their capability and skills. When modernizing how your organization is structured to meet your business vision, we ensure your people are correctly aligned. When employees are given the opportunity to use and grow their talents, they stick around.

We believe that employees have the best intentions to do the right thing and that sometimes life gets in the way. Leaders who establish and enforce standards – organization-wide – enjoy teams who become accountable to each other and the company vision. The baseline document to define the goals and objectives for each employee and enforce accountability is a well-communicated (and often dreaded) employee evaluation form. These azimuth checks are the #1 way to communicate your standards for quality and productivity.

First, high-five! Companies expanding in new territories or landing another big contract often need to hire large groups of people quickly. During the excitement of the new opportunity, management often overlooks opportunities to reduce the work of others or consolidate jobs and departments. When you spend time right-sizing the structure of your organization to validate that duties and functions are not overlapping and conflicting, is rapid growth really that bad?

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