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Ready, Set - Integrate.

Focused on the employee experience, start to finish.

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Change is hard.

When you ease friction points and increase adoption, it lets you save time, and build a flexible modern business ready to take you into tomorrow and beyond.

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Start with a plan.

Want to integrate a new concept or are merging with another business but not sure where to start? From people problems like high turnover to digital infrastructure, when you create agile scalable plans you win.

Introducing: The Integration Blueprint. This is your roadmap to becoming the company you envision.  As a stand-alone, this thorough, well researched and collaborative document enables organizations to apply internal resources to modernize at their own pace; or, you can retain us to lead your team through the entire integration journey. 

Blueprint Basics.

Our Integration Blueprint is a custom roadmap to move from your current-state to a future-state with the details needed to be successful. 

  1. We start with research and audits to get a full grasp on where your organization is before we align it with your vision.  
  2. Then we design a custom Change Management framework that meets business and company culture needs. 
  3. The final step in the Blueprint is Integration Assurance. We outline an investigative review process of the program adoption, over time, within your team.
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The Tools to Implement Change.

Based on what we uncover in the blueprint phase, we’d love to use our People, Process, and Technology toolbox to transform and reinforce your business for the modern era.



People are at the heart of any successful business. If you are struggling with high turnover,
limited accountability, and unrealistic expectations
there’s a good chance you need to take a deeper look at your people.  


If slow decision making, unequal workloads, and poor communication are plaguing your day to day you need a process overhaul.


“Technology” is a huge sector so, we focus on the employee experience start to finish – ensuring they get the information they need when they need it. Smart, and secure

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s making your three pillars of success – people, process, and technology – mutually supportive. Focusing purely on integrating operational efficiencies is a sure way to improve profitability and reduce costs. Once your secret is out, it’s only a matter of time until your competition copies you. Our business integration process targets the core of your operation and focuses on designing systems that create value for other activities within your business. Unlike focusing solely on operational efficiencies, a modern system becomes a competitive advantage that your competition will be unlikely to copy.

Over the past 10-years, we’ve helped smaller teams of 10-15 employees through larger organizations of over 200 achieve their goals. We aren’t ashamed to say that 100% of the projects we were hired for were completed regardless of complexity. So, how are we different? 100% of our clients have become clients for life. High-five to us!

Each project is very customized to the exact integration need. For some companies, it is as simple as documenting how they do business, or it’s conducting a complete IT realignment with automation and managing the change management continuum. Those costs vary wildly but have always generated a greater return on investment than our invoice. Companies we’ve worked with have consistently said the value we brought was well worth the price of the service. And as your partner in this process, we stick around to make sure the system functions as designed for as long as you’d like.

None. Every company we’ve ever worked with has its own culture and does things differently. That said, every company we work with has employees, customers, and something they sell. So, if your company has those three things, we’ve worked with someone just like you and understand how to get you ready for tomorrow.

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